Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Worst Thing You Could Possibly Be

New Year's Day.  A bunch of overfed, weak-willed slobs, dying in the heat, watching cartoons.  The Vietnamese Chef has kindly made us a standout feed of fennel and watercress salad with mustard dressing, as well as oven-braised pork ribs that are to die for.

Miss Siv can't eat pork, as it doesn't agree with her.  Besides, it's nearly 38 degrees outside and she's pregnant.  She slumps on the couch, stabs idly at her phone and munches on some chicken tenders.

"Aren't you having any pork?" asks her boyfriend, Mr Heath.

She shakes her head.

His eyes grow wide, then he yells, "What, are you The Enemy of Delicious or something?!"
Falling off the couch, he goes back for seconds, muttering incredulously.

We laugh.

Damn, it's hot.

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