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char siu bao: Chinese steamed pork bun, the sort you find at dim sum restaurants.

gorram:  Expression of anger or frustration as used in the Joss Whedon TV series 'Firefly' and it's related movie 'Serenity'.  It's etymology stems from the word 'goddamn'.

hangry:  Hungry + angry.  When blood sugar drops and there's not a carb in sight.  You should read Gabrielle Hamilton's 'Blood, Bones and Butter,' in Chapter 19 she describes it as her blood sugar crashing to "...that point where I'm going to ruin your fucking day (her italics)."  It's terrifying and kind of werewolf-y.

pedas:  Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia term for the hot burning spiciness as found in chillies.  If you've eaten a curry which sends you running for glass of milk because your mouth is burning, it's definitely pedas.

petrichor:  The scent of rain as it hits dry earth.

TLDR:  Too Long Didn't Read

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