Ahh, I see you have questions.  Come, sit.

Who writes this stuff anyway?
Hoo, boy.  I am and have been many, many things.  But here's the demographics for you TLDR* types : Female, aged over 25 but under 55.
Ethnically Chinese, born in Malaysia.
Now living in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

I like nerdy stuff and cooking.  My humour is irreverent and vacillates between very, very dark and lamentably silly as I used to work in deceased estates (why yes, that DID involve dead people!) and had a very short-lived stint as a burlesque performer (why yes, that DID involve the removal of clothing!).
You needed plenty of twisted humour for both.
Basically, this a polite way of saying that the writing here will be considered offensive for some people.  If you are one of them, you can close the tab and look at something else - here, have some bunnies.

What's in this blog?
*stage whisper* The rantings of the deranged.  Lucky for you, they're mainly food-related.

Posts have a tendency to be extremely long.  Or very short, like, say, three sentences.
I do not believe in a prescribed lengths and do not subscribe to the term "happy medium" unless conducting interstellar diplomatic negotiations with both Romulans and Klingons.
Did I tell you I like Star Trek?  I like Star Trek, but I've only watched Next Generation though, not the original.  Come to think of it, I'm only a fan of new Doctor Who, not the original .  Does that mean I'm a geek heathen?  A tragic hipster nerd?  I do wear glasses, however they are for actual vision correction...

Sorry.  I digress.

Most posts of decent length will probably be essay-like in nature.  They will involve food as part of life, not as veritable grapes on the gourmet pedestal.
If you are looking for the Best Ever Cupcake Recipe - you will not find it here.  If you are looking for the deconstruction of the cupcake's meaning and an opinion on it's place within our current society, you may possibly find it here.

Food is not a competition except on television.  However, it IS a signifier.  I mean, just think about the manner in which the ortolan is eaten.  Or why eating sushi off a naked woman is such a creepily Patrick Bateman-esque thing to do.
Why do you write this thing?
Because the thoughts need to leave my head, dammit.  Ridiculous observations about the inability to temper chocolate have to go somewhere.  Right now I have a haiku about gingko nuts demanding to be extruded from my brainpan (gosh, that sounds icky).

When I feel like it.  There is a regular timeframe for posting which I would like to achieve, but to publish it serves no purpose except to spook the proverbial horses i.e. me.    

Is this a rhetorical question?  You could read this blog from space if you'd like.  We have the technology.
Kidding aside, here's a semi-serious note regarding geography - I live in Melbourne, Australia and my writing reflects that.  This means I'll default to the metric system.  When talking about temperature I'll speak about degrees, not Fahrenheit and when I say dollars I mean AUD and our weird cool plastic stuff.

Now, The Serious Part

  1. Use Of Images - Not Mine I use a lot of images on this blog, not all of them mine.  Images will be attributed to the creator of the image.  If I use an image which is not mine and I did not know who created it, all attempts will be made to attribute it to the creator of the image using a combination of Google Images reverse image search, TinEye, Src Img and sheer bloody-mindedness.  Most of the not-mine images I use come from Tumblr and are used as reaction gifs.  If I have attributed wrongly, contact me and I'll correct it.  If you are the original owner of the image and do not want it used, again please contact me and it will be removed immediately.
  2. Use Of Images - Mine
     Creative Commons Licence
  3. Images which belong to me are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Go on, click on the link for a human-readable summary.  It's not that scary.


Well, it's been a pleasure.  You may stay for tea and sandwiches, or back away slowly towards the bunnies.

*Too Long Didn't Read

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